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In manufacturing companies, the finished products or goods are packed using equipment known as packaging machines. These pieces of equipment are run by personnel known as packaging machine operators. Their work spans a variety of responsibilities which includes meeting production deadlines, operating the packaging machines and troubleshooting them when the need arises. Packaging machine operators may also be asked to perform maintenance duties that will keep these machines in top shape.

One of the tasks of these workers is to start the controls of the machine so that it can begin packing. They will then see to it that the finished products are packaged in the form that it will be shipped to clients. For example, cereals may be placed in boxes while flour may be placed in sacks or bags. No matter what the packaging is, packaging machine operators see to it that these are sealed securely before being shipped out.

A large part of the job entails keeping a close watch of the machines as it continues operations in the production line. They must immediately address pile ups so that work can immediately resume and the company can meet deadlines. They also see to it that packaging materials like boxes, labels and plastic sheets, among others, are constantly replenished so that work can proceed unhampered. Once the products have been packed, packaging machine operators may be responsible for putting labels or stenciling information on the package showing lot numbers or shipping addresses.

Performing quality control on the packaging is also part and parcel of the job of the job of packaging machine operators. They must see to it that the packed products are the right weight and size and follow established packaging standards. They also conduct final inspections and if they find a product or package that is faulty or substandard, they make sure that these are removed from the final batch to be shipped. They also keep records of the items that have been deemed fit for shipping and those that have been rejected.

Why Become a Packaging Machine Operator

A career as a packaging machine operator is for those who like to handle machines and processes in a fast-paced manufacturing environment. It is also for those who like to do jobs that involve routine and repetitive tasks. Individuals who are interested in production processes, raw materials and quality control will find this work very fulfilling. This profession also fits those who have a penchant for determining what the problem is and finding solutions for them.

Packaging Machine Operator Work Environment

Packaging machine operators work in companies involved in the manufacturing of different kinds of products. They are hired by those who make fruit and vegetable preserves and specialty foods and dairy products. Those who mill grains as well as those who manufacture soap, cleaning materials and others also hire packaging machine operators. Since the work environment involves moving around and handling large machinery and equipment, packaging machine operators must wear protective gear such as goggles, ear plugs and gloves to minimize or avoid injuries. They must also be physically fit and healthy since they will be lifting packaged products from machines and loading pallets with cartons or bags for transport.

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