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Manufactured and processed goods are only released to clients after they have been correctly and securely packed in cartons, crates and other containers. Doing so is the responsibility of packagers. When working in the manufacturing industry, their task includes loading materials and products into machinery that processes packages. They see to it that the products and materials are correctly weighed and counted before they are packed into containers. They also check the containers to ensure that these comply with the proper packing specifications. With the use of hand tools and specialized equipment, they will then pour the products into approved containers. They may also position the containers directly under a spout so that it directly receives the finished products.

After the materials have been packed into their containers, packagers see to it that it complies with the packing specifications established by the company. They check for dents and flaws in the packaging and remove the products that are placed inside defective containers. They also see to it that the containers are appropriately labeled with the necessary information to avoid confusion and comply with existing rules. After they have noted the number of packages in their records, they will then put these on conveyors or loading docks so they are ready for shipment.

Aside from production warehouses and factories, packagers may also be employed in grocery stores where their work spans more than packing the goods bought by the customers. They also provide further service by helping bring the packages to the customers’ vehicles. They may also have to unpack boxes of consumer goods delivered by the suppliers for display in the store shelves.

The job entails knowledge in working with hand tools since packagers may have to assemble and pad cartons and containers. They may also need to sort materials and handle containers using such tools as bundling machines, strap sealers and staple guns, among others. They may also need to use hand tools to clean the finished products before packing them in.

Why Become a Packager

A career as a packager is ideal for those who enjoy working with their hands and putting items neatly in boxes or containers. It is also a job that does not require a lot of training and preparation since it’s relatively easy to master. Another reason to become a packager is that it gives inclined individuals the opportunity to work in different settings, ranging from the production warehouses to factories to stores.

Packager Work Environment

Packagers may work in companies involved in the making of sugar and confectionery products, seafood products and food products. They are also hired by grocery stores, warehousing and storage firms and animal slaughtering and processing companies. The work is typically done indoors during regular business hours and is physically demanding since packagers are going to be doing most of their job standing up most of the time. The packing process can subject them to cuts and wounds so packagers must take extra care in handling the tools of their trade to avert accidents and injuries.

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