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Electronic equipment assemblers are responsible for putting together the various components of electronic systems and their supporting infrastructures. Using various tools like wire pullers, wire strippers, digital multimeters and soldering equipment, they install wirings, casings, and other units of the system. They may also be asked to adjust and fix the parts of electronic equipment and replace components if necessary.

Accuracy is an important component of the job so electronic equipment assemblers read the blueprints, diagrams and schematics to ensure that they follow the instructions correctly. They also prepare the needed tools and materials in order to get the job done. If there are other employees who are working on a particular project, the electronic equipment assembler who heads the team explains the methods and particular techniques to the other members to facilitate a smoother workflow. They may also coordinate with their supervisors to come up with solutions to issues encountered during the assembly process.

Electronic equipment assemblers use their hands often in their work. They clean parts using various cleaning solutions and materials. They also drill holes in different areas of the equipment where wirings and other elements can be placed or attached. They may also make coils and other parts with the use of calipers, drills and other tools. During installation, they must also need to position and align the pieces correctly so that the wiring can is placed in the proper places. Finally, they also need to test their work to ensure that their installations and assemblies are functioning as they should.

Why Become an Electronic Equipment Assembler

The job of an electronic equipment assembler is best-suited for the person who loves using his hands in putting together electronic systems. This is also ideal for those who have excellent hand-eye coordination and don’t mind doing repetitive work. It is also the career for those who love reading blueprints and technical manuals and are able to connect what they have read in the actual assembling of the product. Individuals who are willing to work in the fast-paced world of manufacturing—particularly those fascinated with assembling wires and rivets in different types of equipment—are also going to find this job very satisfying.

Electronic Equipment Assembler Work Environment

Electronic equipment assemblers are found in plants that manufacture and repair electrical and electronic equipment. They work regular hours although there may be times when they need to work weekends or evenings. The work is repetitive and often involves long hours on their feet or sitting. Electronic equipment assemblers have to make sure that they wear protective equipment while doing their tasks due to the hazards they face on the job. One of the most obvious risks that they face is electrocution so they need to see to it that in addition to protective gear, they need to know exactly what it is that they are doing to avoid these risks. They must also wear goggles from the tiny bits and pieces that may injure their eyes while they are soldering pieces together. Ear plugs are also a must to prevent ear disorders since work areas can be very noisy.

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