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As the name of the position suggests, electromechanical equipment assemblers are responsible for putting together or adjusting electromechanical devices or equipment. They assemble such equipment as gyros, tape drives, servomechanisms, brakes, magnetic drums, actuators, control linkages and appliances. To ensure that they have assembly sequences right, they read blueprints carefully before attaching the component parts. They also take care to identify the parts by putting tags or marks on them so that they are correctly attached to the proper places.

Electromechanical equipment assemblers use hand tools and power tools in putting together the different parts of these electromechanical devices. They would first place the units in position, align them and make the necessary adjustments before fastening them to frames and assemblies. They use drills to put holes in areas where they are needed in the units. Following the blueprints, they will then connect the wirings and cables to the different places in the equipment by soldering them. They may also need to clean and oil the different parts. If they are working on repairing a device, they may need to disassemble the unit in order to replace the defective parts.

Ensuring the quality of the finished product is part and parcel of the work of electromechanical equipment assemblers. They use calipers, micrometers and other precision measuring instruments to check that the parts meet the required tolerances. They also make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the finished product complies with standards as well as client requirements. If there are imperfections, they make the necessary adjustments to correct these.

Why Become an Electromechanical Equipment Assembler

A career as an electromechanical equipment assembler is well-suited for those who are interested to work with electrical and mechanical equipment. Individuals who find engineering and technology fascinating and want to apply their knowledge of putting together units and parts of the devices and equipment that need them will find this to be a very fulfilling job. Those who want to work with their hands and enjoy putting together wires and connections will definitely find the work of an electromechanical equipment assembler exciting. Manual dexterity, critical thinking and problem solving skills are also needed in this job so those who possess them will feel right at home in this career.

Electromechanical Equipment Assembler Work Environment

Electromechanical equipment assemblers are hired by manufacturing companies that produce household appliances as well as those that make ventilation, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment. Their expertise is also needed in firms that manufacture navigational, measuring, electromedical and control instruments. They are also employed by industrial machinery makers as well as those that manufacture other electrical equipment and parts. Since they handle electrical equipment, the risk of electrocution runs high in this profession. However, this can be mitigated by wearing protective gear and following all safety protocols. Gloves, safety glasses and ear plugs are all part of the equipment that they use to protect them from the risk of electrocution, burns, cuts, flying metals and incessant noise that dominates the workplace. The work schedule is fulltime and done during regular business hours. However, overtime work may necessary if the demand calls for it.

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