How To Stand Out And Land Interviews In Manufacturing

Lucie Yeomans

Lucie Yeomans

Certified Resume Writer

Being in the manufacturing industry, you are among the lucky ones. You have great, highly-desirable skills - many of you are even in high demand. Are you struggling with landing interviews?

It is an extremely competitive industry; with so much competition, how do you stand out and land interviews?

It all comes down to defining and executing your personal marketing strategy.

Would you launch a product without a go-to-market strategy? No. So, why would you go-to-market with your job search without a strategy, brand, and proper documentation? Let's learn how to formulate your personal marketing strategy and stand out from your competition.

Let's look at your situation.

You do a good job; you may even be the best at what you do.

Before you begin writing your resume, take a few minutes to write down answers to the above questions. These are key questions that will not only help you write a great resume, but also prepare winning interview answers.

Depending on where you get your information, you have probably read that resumes get between 8 and 30 seconds on average when read by human eyes. No matter how you slice it, this isn't a lot of time to find out how good you really are. So, how do you entice the reader to give your resume more time?

Let's look at your resume.

Is your resume just a list of responsibilities, with lots of bullets or full of lengthy paragraphs?

Describing your responsibilities is important, but you need more than that to stand out. Writing a resume not only gives you permission to brag about yourself, but also it is essential to do. Now is not the time to be humble.

They want to be able to find that information quickly and easily.

Prove you have what they are looking for with measurable examples/accomplishments highlighting how you have done these things for current and/or previous employers. Eyes are drawn to numbers first and numbers prove your claims.

Let's look at your accomplishments and personal brand.

Describe how your contributions in these areas resulted in efficiency improvements, faster product launch, higher customer satisfaction, cost savings, problem solving, etc.

Your accomplishments should be measurable and should focus on your strengths and personal brand. Remember, eyes are drawn to numbers first and numbers prove your claims.

Taking these simple, yet important steps before you apply for any jobs will help build your confidence, prepare for interviews, and stand out from competition.

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Lucie Yeomans

Lucie Yeomans is the CEO and Founder of Your Career Ally and Sick Resumes, multiple award-winning resume writer and official member of Forbes Coaches Council. In addition to a bachelors and master’s degree, Lucie is a published career coach and holds professional certifications in resume writing, career coaching, job and career transitions, job search strategy, online networking strategy, and LinkedIn writing. Lucie specializes in helping confidential job seekers, executives, and new college graduates land their dream jobs.


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